5 ways to drink the best coffee possible

5 ways to drink the best coffee possible

Drinking the best coffee possible is a universal right!

Today it is absolutely essential for us to drink the best coffee possible! It would be a disaster otherwise.

It would be a physical collapse, but above all a mental one: we want to break the rhythm, we want to breathe a moment of freedom.

And the undisputed protagonists of the regenerating coffee break are: 1) the coffee cup; 2) the mug; 3) the plastic coffee cups (cardboard is better); 4) the glass cup; 5) the thermal mug of our favorite “take away”.

Nothing else exists, the whole caffeine universe is enclosed here”.

1. The undisputed Queen of Coffee is the Cup.

The cup is white and shiny on the inside, it promises bright experiences, its rounded shape is inviting, it welcomes us in its arms and we can only prune into its scent.

I will be old-fashioned, but without detracting from a nice espresso at the bar, there is only one possible marriage for the cup, the one with the Moka Pot.

And excuse me, because I’m biased, but there is only one coffee maker worthy of the name and that is the one invented by italian engineer Alfonso Bialetti in 1933.

better coffe to drink bialetti red moka
Bialetti red moka coffee maker best coffee possible to drink… Buy on Amazon by clicking on the photo.

“The moka is the dawn of the day, its perfume”.

Please, do not let the gurgling linger for long though, rather it is better to stop it immediately, after the soft muttering, otherwise the coffee gets stressed and suffers.

Before pouring, we mix the inside of the coffee pot, this is the way in which the first wave to come out, which is the strongest, blends with the last one which is lighter and which would remain on the surface.

Ah … over low heat I recommend and without crushing the ground.

If you want to abound with the quantity, then cut the surface with the edge of the spoon in order to obtain narrow mounds. But please don’t crush!

how to prepare coffee powder in the moka pot – narrow mounds

2. Mother of our coffee cup is our beloved coffee&milk mug.

Many memories! The safety of a good latte. Coffee and milk or latte coffee.

As we want, but it always remains a safe haven. Poetry, purity.

As adults we still cannot give up a nice full cup … the same as always, please, maybe won on points.

The playfulness of soaking dense homemade biscuits or more agile like newbies goes to taste.

An almost intimate moment, which I personally don’t always dedicate to the news or the weather news.

When I have time for breakfast for real, I plug Spotify on my favorite list and hook it up to my wireless speaker – unless I feel like whipping up a vinyl for my beloved, super cool stereo (link).

stereo turntable drink best coffee

For a “bright measure life” as the title of the blog.

Enjoy milk coffe

3. The plastic coffee cup is the dark side of the coffee strength.

It is now scientifically established that coffee brings benefits, except for personal medical contraindications of course.

But a dark cloud hangs over our right to the “best coffee”: disposable plastic cups.

If they appear almost pure in their array, stacked in packs of 100, after use they are polluting spots.

They contaminate our horizon, everywhere. In the baskets, on the balconies, on the street, scattered on the desks.

White-brown spots that invade our spaces. (I know I’m a little dramatic, but it’s important).

What can we do for the environment?

Faced with the ecological ugliness of plastic cups, I believe that it is necessary to do 2 things immediately:

the first thing to do is bring a personal coffee mug to work.

This is the one I took to my office loooong months ago, photographed on my cell phone while I’m writing:

my personal cup for coffee in the office
At office, my personal cup “A coffee on the go”

Very casual, I would say suitable for the office.

the second is to use 75 ml cardboard cups! Simple right?

There is something for everyone! They are all beautiful, extremely available and 100% recyclable.

Here they are on Amazon and we can find them everywhere online, we have no more excuses!

best coffee possible cardboards cups environment
Buy on Amazon by clicking on the photo

Today, improving the environmental impact of our way of life, including drinking a coffee, is possible at 360 °.

Notice the birch wood scoops, to chew for hours!

4. With the transparent glass, drinking a coffee has become an art.

We are not the first to question the best way to drink coffee!

I keep in my memory the experience of a very successful franchise in the early 2000s.

The founder sold to a multinational. For its part, aware of the key factors, the company has constantly worked to improve them and expand their boundaries.

Key factors of drinking excellent coffee that can be summarized as follows: absolute quality of raw materials and absolute attention to detail. From preparation to environments, from combinations to relationships with customers.

From there the transparency of the glass: everything had to be shown, colors, shades, temperatures, aromas, furnishings.

“Glass has declared to the world that perfection can be achieved”.

transparent glass coffee cups Bormioli for drinking best coffee

“Transparency is the new border.”

And within our 4 home walls? Can we relive that experience?

Let’s try. The elements to combine are always and only two: machine + ground.

And the ground leads to the type of coffee machine.


We have already discussed the Moka + coffee powder couple so I will just say the obvious:

the ground must be good.

We can mention many excellent brands: Kimbo, Pollini, Lavazza, Motta, Vergnano; yet I remain fond of the flavor that comes from the beautiful Illy box, which also furnishes and better preserves the ground coffee.

drink best coffe possible - illy roasted classic arabica
illy roasted classic ground coffee box drinking best coffee Buy on Amazon by clicking on the image.

“A coffee pot on the stove is enough to fill a room”


Hot topic: the pods are now widespread in all households and offices.

They are comfortable and often the result is excellent thanks to blends enriched with aromas that in many cases dominate the same coffee, even in this case it is necessary to know how to choose and be careful. Too much indatti flavoring hides poverty in coffee powder. What do we want to drink?

The burning issue of drinking the best coffee possible, from every point of view, is that the pods produce a lot of small plastic as waste.

Small plastic is much more insidious once in the environment.

Ecological sensitivity should guide our choices, whenever possible and easily applicable.

We can always pay attention to our consumption and at the same time support realities that try to restore balance.

Personally I would be for a return to Moka at least at home, but I understand: comfort is great when you have family, work and a thousand commitments.

I’ll just point out what I believe is an excellent 100% made in Italy pod / machine combination and obviously compostable pods.

coffee pod borbone black blend compostable drink best coffee – Buy on Amazon by clicking on the photo.
gran gaggia deluxe coffee machine drink best coffee – Buy on Amazon by clicking on the picture.

Grind the beans at home!

How many times have we seen in our favorite TV series those wonderful American coffee shops with bean grinders! Too many not to envy them.

Or luxurious apartments with those beautiful and shiny steel traps that in the morning provided wonderful orange juice and freshly “squeezed” coffee …

Well this magic is obviously possible in our house too, to really drink the best coffee possible! That is the mission of this article.

Obviously the choice in this case too is almost unlimited, the wonders of the free market.

Yet in the last year I have a fixed thought and I cannot get it out of my head, it is not certain that next Christmas is not the good one! On the other hand, the cost is absolutely in line with that of waffle machines.

The fact is, I want the beans in plain sight! The choice is therefore reduced and then my eyes focused on this:

gaggia naviglio grinds coffee beans drink best coffee christmas
Gaggia naviglio grinds coffee beans drink best coffee Christmas. Buy on Amazon by clicking on the image

Hope Santa is reading!

5. The insulated mug from our favorite take away warms the heart on cold urban mornings.

And finally, “American style” coffee could not be missing, the one in thermal cardboard cups at Strabucks and the like.

For days on the go, to stop for a moment and enjoy coffee and wi-fi, or on the fly to take away.

The “big glass” is actually a company: it accompanies our thoughts, our inner dialogues, or better still it acts as a shoulder for a chat in friendship or intimacy.

Provider of the necessary caffeine, it amplifies the human side and today coffee shop chains have learned to make every type of coffee very well in every part of the world.

It is also spreading in offices, with the classic mug and jugs of filter coffee. It can fulfill the same function of accompanying our commitments, even on the move: train, car, plane.

To always feel on the go and drink the best coffee, which is the one that best suits our moods!

Buy on Amazon by clicking on the image

starbucks thermal travel mug drink best coffee

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